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Kitchen Helper

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Never do the dishes again

It clears.

It washes.

It tidies up.

All on its own.

Handling post-meal clean up is the Kitchen Helper’s first milestone. Cook, gather, and make a mess—the Helper takes care of the rest. Coming 2025.

Engineering the evolution of the kitchen

The Kitchen Helper is a general-purpose robot. It can take on new tasks—from cleaning up to eventually being your sous-chef—through a simple app update. So you can cook elaborately on a school night, have 20 person dinner parties, and skip the looming obligation of clean up.


We believe a small, motivated team is the best way to tackle the hardest technical challenges.

We’re based in SF, hiring software engineers to work on vision, planning, and control. As an Armstrong team member, you can work on every part of the product, without silos.

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